Tree Sand Paintings

For the past year and a half, I have been working on a series of sand paintings featuring trees.  Many of these have sold and I am working on more for my solo show at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in August 2015. The Garden summer theme is Trees and I decided to base my show on my tree sand paintings.

2013 Paintings: New Zealand trees

The first three paintings are of Kanuka trees. These scrubby, fragrant trees have white trunks which contrast beautifully with the dark interior thicket.  Kanuka Grove, no. 1, no. 2; no. 3.

KanukaGroveNo1_8x10BestKanukaGroveNo2_8x10 2

KanukaGroveNo3 11x14 6

I also did a series based on photos taken of trees on a sea cliff.  The last in the series Otama Cliffs, no. 3, is featured below.

OtamaCliffsNo3_8x10 2014Auto Best


2014: Grounding Series

The first tree painting was a gift to a friend: Tree of life: this tree’s got roots!  I enjoyed working on the roots so much that I decided to do a series of paintings exploring the connections between the ground and a tree.


The next five paintings are numbers 1-5 in the Groundings series.  Groundings, no. 1: Granite; Groundings, no. 2: The Ancient Reef; Groundings, no. 3: Karst; Groundings, no. 4: Karst; Groundings, no. 5: The Seacliff.

GroundingNo1_11x14 Auto Best Comp GroundingNo2_11x14 2014AutoBestomp  GroundingNo3Karst_11x14_2014 GroundingNo4_8x10 2014 2Auto BestComp GroundingNo5Seaclif_11x14_Best


Lastly here is one of my birch tree forest paintings.  I’ve done 5 of these in different sizes and I enjoy working on them.  Creating the birch bark pattern reminds me a bit of zentangles!


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